Do it because it matters


When Seth Godin ( speaks about “resistance” and implores creatives, thought leaders and original thinkers to overcome their doubt, it is clear he also experiences the pit in his stomach and angst that accompanies such a platform.

I understand all of this. Fear is the flip side of courage. As Brene Brown has experienced and points out ( we need to have the courage to express our own convictions, be vulnerable and to dare greatly.

I too am petrified. Like Seth and all who create, I wrestle every day with the tensions between courage and fear playing out within me.

Seth implores us to SPEAK OUT about how we can improve what is. “Do it because it matters. Do it because you can”

Bringing new beliefs into the universe IS difficult work. Sometimes isolating, but to see your belief enrich a life is profound, humbling and deeply gratifying.

The unyielding determination to help improve the human condition is what drives me. In a lifetime of work there are days, and even months that I am held back by my own fears, but I have never given up believing that I am someone who can improve what is.

I do it because it matters.

What matters to you?