Many voices on Reinvention

Over the past few years many articles and opinions have been written on the phenomena we call “reinvention”.  I have been collecting pieces for quite some time and thought others could benefit from them, as well.

My point in sharing these links is to demonstrate how diverse the perspective on reinvention really is. What are the various circumstances that drive individuals to face reinvention? How do these individuals determine what’s next? What does the reinvention process entail, etc.?

As a person who has lived a life of reinvention and works with individuals to take them through the reinvention process, these articles are fuel for thought. When one decides reinvention is paramount and the goal includes fulfillment and a meaningful existence, there is much more thinking involved then deciding to leap into something new. In my minds eye, the purpose of reinvention is not to simply choose on a new career path or make a job transition. This will undoubtedly occur, but more important is to uncover what is fundamental and “authentic” about whom we are. Beyond career goals and dreams, true reinvention requires some deep and soulful work. What is learned through this phase of the process is key to successful reinvention (and in defining your personal brand).

This is what I think about when I read these and other articles. What you have learned about reinvention?

A strategy consultant I enjoy following is (@doreiclark) Dorie Clark. Dorie will have her new book “Reinventing YOU” on the stands momentarily and I am looking forward to having her insights take us deeper into the reinvention process. Fingers crossed!