Street Wise

As a young child I remember feeling giddy with fear and excitement as I secretly settled into a large appliance box that had been discarded by the curb, awaiting trash pick up. With three sides still standing tall, I stepped into the far reaches of this cavernous carton and quickly pulled the fourth flap in and folded the cover down overhead. It became darker inside with each step of this reconstruction. When the top was fully closed, I sat quietly assessing the darkness and the space. Shortly I noticed my box went from a large and exciting space, to one that suddenly felt very small.

Nestled in my spot I sat silently. At first I considered myself safely contained by these new walls. Know one could see me; maybe know one even knew where I was. What a thrill to be invisible and shielded from the world. But then I became frightened by the boundaries of this enclosure and suddenly felt boxed in.

I could not sit in silence with that feeling. Rising up quickly, I pushed the flaps open and burst out of the container. Emerging I squinted my eyes from the daylight, and then basked in the suns bright rays, as they infused all of my senses. Stepping out I felt relief, exhilaration and freshly alive, learning a lesson I would remember for the rest of my life.

Freedom came to me, living outside of the box.