First I must tell you that I never set out to be a re-inventionist. I’m not even sure one can choose such a thing. I believe just the opposite; I was the one chosen.

This is the result of a lifetime of change that brought me to a reality that made sense. I have discovered by following my instinct and staying true to myself I would find way to an important part of myself that I could not see, but was driven to discover.

I define Reinventionist as follows:

“One who is driven to explore, willing to transcend, thus able to transform”

This is the journey my life has taken me on.

  • Rabáh El A’awar

    That is lovely. I hope you are still out there, receiving this reply… I am a reinventionist artist, and will be using your own definition in my essay defining reinventionism as an art movement. Many thanks, Irene. I hope we could get in touch as I find your page very interesting!


    • http://irenebuchine.com Irene Buchine

      Hello Rab’ah,
      Yes I am here and thank you so much for your comment.
      It gives me great joy to know the words I chose to best describe “Reinventionist”, call to you. Those words suit me, too.
      I have been a creative my whole life and even now am still evolving! Please use whatever words I have written that can help you be further inspired and encourage you to create. Your artwork is beautiful. I will follow you on Instagram.
      I wish you the best,
      Irene Buchine