Gone with the Wind

It was easy to see the little red spider mites were lighter than a hair as they scattered along the porch railing. The slightest breeze would have rocked their world and sent them sailing. Each tiny bodies appeared to be no match for even a whispering summer gust. I pondered their future disorientation and likely demise, sharing compassion and even a pouting lip. Then I dig deeper. What do I know of these things? The wind may be their salvation. Just what they are counting on to send them on their small life adventures. So who am I to project my human experience onto these tiny creatures? Why be worried or concerned that they are…

Where to Start

Sliding the glass door open, my dog charges out across the yard into the darkness. I pause, enveloped by the morning’s pre-dawn chill. Facing up at a sky gently lit by the moon, soft clouds parade together over the neighborhood. In the stillness I am infused with wonder and ready to celebrate the mystery of the forthcoming day.