Following 1000

  When my car’s odometer hit car 100,000 miles I pulled over and took note. Wow, I thought, where have I traveled these last six years?   When my 20-year-old son orchestrated his first trip to Japan I watched his flight soar overhead in awe and wonder. When did this child become a man?   Many moments in life are pause worthy. Some pauses are more meaningful than others. I’ve learned to pause whenever my instinct dictates. Even if just a brief nod, I’ll stop in midstream and observe. Life’s too short to miss a moment of beauty, to re-frame a notion or learn something new.   Today, I stop to notice that I am following…

Creativity explodes from within

  Creativity explodes from within. Its force is like an atom spewing every particle of energy throughout the body. When an original thought unveils itself, the power of its potential can be so great the recipient feels a surge of electric energy running right through them. This is the power of possibility. When a moment such as this occurs, it is accompanied by the unmistakable sense one stands on the threshold of changing the world.

Not really silent

I recently released myself from the responsibility of writing blog posts. It’s unlikely many people noticed. I had yet to establish a steady stream of engrossing social commentary though I did make attempts. When my blog, The Reinventionist, went live 4 years ago, I thought my accumulated life experience, knowledge gained from failure and unyielding endurance gave me all the tools I needed to offer a healthy perspective on living, through the written word.  But I have discovered one strength has little to do with the other. Irene Buchine- Lesson #64 The individual with a gift for writing, faces the paper and writes. The individual with a gift for living, faces the day and lives….

About failure

Throughout my life I have known many failures. Each downfall has challenged me beyond my own imagination.  Yet, I fully realize that the lessons and knowledge gained in starting anew and rebuilding have provided me with my greatest opportunities to grow.

Many voices on Reinvention

Over the past few years many articles and opinions have been written on the phenomena we call “reinvention”.  I have been collecting pieces for quite some time and thought others could benefit from them, as well. My point in sharing these links is to demonstrate how diverse the perspective on reinvention really is. What are the various circumstances that drive individuals to face reinvention? How do these individuals determine what’s next? What does the reinvention process entail, etc.? As a person who has lived a life of reinvention and works with individuals to take them through the reinvention process, these articles are fuel for thought. When one decides reinvention is paramount and the goal includes…

Carving a pathway

  This morning I carved through the great snow mountain that had buried my mailbox in our blizzard’s wake. I faced a mound five feet high and eight feet deep. Primed to tackle it, I just grabbed the shovel and began digging. Being a person under, five feet tall, I found my difficulty was in breaking through the ice crust that had formed on the top. The snow beneath this crust was relatively light. It broke onto my shovel easily in small removable bricks. Ah hah, so today’s obstacle became the day‘s challenge. Choosing the path of least resistance, I found myself digging a tunnel underneath the crust. I began to think (as I often…

Leaping from the fence

I know how fast the world moves. If I keep myself bogged down in my own fears and shortcomings I will be paralyzed. I have been straddling the fence. From one point of view, down below looks too far to jump. It appears threatening and possibly painful. While if I look at it from the other point of view, leaping down means opening up to fuller potential, and as Deepak Chopra suggests, “Endless Possibilities”.  I have the choice. And once again, I will leap.

The Lantern Festival

Holding tight to my bowl of homemade potato salad, I trotted to keep up with Colleen, our group’s leader. I kept my eyes trained on the tail end of her red cooler as it zigged and zagged through the crowd. A veteran attendee of the annual Japanese Lantern Festival, Colleen could be trusted to find us a prime location. I was pleased as we steered closer to the lively rhythm of steel drums I could hear in the distance. Initially I found it hard to believe that men, women, and children would come together every year to share their losses and grief. My friend Marge had explained it to me in simple terms when she…

Keeping “Personal” in your Personal brand

I have been doing a substantial amount of media/blog reading on the topic of Personal Branding and also recently spoke on the subject to a diverse group of individuals (including three who mentioned being writers) who were all looking to establish a Personal Brand. Because there are multiple interpretations to what constitutes a Personal Brand, I speak and write on the subject to offer my insight and perspective and to help individuals with the personal branding process The most important step in developing an authentic and intelligent Personal Brand is determining your platform. I mean this in terms of where you are standing or where you are coming from. How you position yourself is what…

Reinvention anew?

When I think back to the stories my grandfather told me, the ones about his childhood in Russia are always fresh in my mind. I listened in awe whenever he described his young life, imagining a curious young boy dressed in scruffy britches exploring the rural countryside of his birth in a town called Jetoma. This image was the memory he shared from before his young life was turned upside down. My grandfather’s eyes of crystal blue had a commanding intensity and in telling this story, his eyebrows would rise up causing his forehead to ripple with rows of deep crevices. Then he described the terror he felt running home and into the family’s barn…