Not really silent

I recently released myself from the responsibility of writing blog posts. It’s unlikely many people noticed. I had yet to establish a steady stream of engrossing social commentary though I did make attempts. When my blog, The Reinventionist, went live 4 years ago, I thought my accumulated life experience, knowledge gained from failure and unyielding endurance gave me all the tools I needed to offer a healthy perspective... Read More

Don’t lose sight of who you are!

  “Hi, nice to meet you. So, what do you do?”  “I’ve been an engineer most of my life. In 1996 I took my first job with Hewlett-Packard and spent the majority of my time in, etc….  In 2004, our department was eliminated and I became the project manager of another division, etc…” We hear this type of conversation all the time. I call it the “the resume response”. This is where the problem begins. We... Read More

Emerging is a counter-intuitive process

At times I prepare myself for work by doing what is counter-intuitive. Instead of moving along through the Positioning process, I step away from its structure and disarm myself. This is not easy to do. It is a method I have learned of intentionally clearing my mind, so it is bare. In some way it’s like my mind’s bungee jump. Letting go of drive and control to this degree requires an unyielding faith and trust in my own internal... Read More